Dan is a Newtown native whose family has been an active part of Newtown for 40 years. He is proud to call himself a member of the Newtown High School Class of 2001 and an Eagle Scout which he earned in Troop 70. He spent his college years working for the Assistant Superintendent of Newtown Public Schools which helped him decide to enter public service as a member of the Newtown Board of Education more than 7 years ago. With the position of First Selectman opening up this November, he felt it was time that he give even more back to the town that has been an important part of his life.

Along with Michelle Embree Ku, Dan feels that the following are priorities:

Streets – With over 63 square miles, we need to make sure we have well maintained and accessible roads. In addition, traffic continues to be an issue throughout town and deserves examination and attention. We can do this by ensuring that infrastructure is adequately funded and that we don’t return to a practice of borrowing to repair roads and maintain bridges.  Addressing traffic patterns requires partnering and communicating with community planners, state officials, and local law enforcement.

Michelle wrote a letter to the Newtown Bee on October 12th further outlining a shared position on streets

Schools – We worked together for 7 years as members of the Board of Education. Our commitment to education is evidenced by the numerous positive initiatives that we were part of during the 7 years we served together on the Board of Education. improvements for the students and staff – We advocated for improved air quality in the schools (starting with Hawley HVAC), healthier school start times, and the improved climate and culture among between the Board of
Education and the staff and administrators. We also were part of navigatinged a pandemic and helped to craft contributed to a model school security partnership. However, education is always evolving and needs constant work to make sure we are providing a high quality educational experience. As First Selectman and Selectman we will no longer be involved in these operations, but will remain committed to supporting the infrastructure needed to provide quality education
in Newtown.

Dan shares the thoughts and positions that his running mate Michelle outlined in her September 28th letter in the Newtown Bee

Security – It is important that residents of Newtown feel safe and welcomed in their own community, whether it is because of low crime, acceptance of diverse views, cultures and people, or financial security to remain in one’s home. Our first responders, many of whom are volunteers, work to ensure our safety, and supporting them is important to ensuring a high level of security.

Dan further elaborated on his thoughts on security in his September 28th letter in the Newtown Bee

Dan has also heard from a number of people who are concerned about the ability for seniors to afford to remain in Newtown.  He believes that it is time to review our senior tax credit program and compare it to other nearby towns to see where we might change and improve to address these concerns.

Smart Development – Newtown is a town brimming with history, and its preservation is important to preserving maintaining Newtown’s uniqueness. At the same time, the town needs to progress and evolve. Both are possible. Newtown can continue to grow without giving up its heritage through thoughtful development practices. This can also ensure that we don’t over-stress our infrastructure and ensure that it Newtown is not only a place that people not only want to spend
their lives, but also a place they choose to raise future generations of Newtowners.

Dan talked about his position on Smart Development in his October 19th letter in the Newtown Bee