Dan Cruson

For Newtown First Selectman

Bringing Newtown Together

Dan’s deep attachment to Newtown

  • Born and raised in Newtown with a family that has been heavily involved in the town for
  • Moved back with his wife and children to ensure his children experienced all Newtown
    had to offer.
  • Loves the things that make Newtown unique and hopes to improve upon them without
    losing the history the town offers.

Dan has helped move Newtown Schools Forward

  • Seven years on the Board of Education, having been reelected twice.
  • Uses his analytical abilities to give thoughtful guidance on decisions that impact our
  • Stuck by his ideals and made sure he never felt the side he was on went against the best
    interests of the students and staff.

How Dan will help move Newtown forward

  • Listening to all ideas about how Newtown should move forward and taking in all
    information before deciding where we should go.
  • Integrating a variety viewpoints into ideas he puts forward.
  • Open conversations about the issues that Newtown faces and how to solve them.

The Leadership Our Town Needs Right Now

About Dan

 I was born and raised in Newtown, and have watched it change and evolve over 32 years of residency. I went to school here, and my family has been heavily involved in the town for decades (including my father being Town Historian for 27 years and my mother volunteering with the schools and Cullens Youth Association). My wife and I have lived in other towns but
chose to raise our children here because we knew that in Newtown we would feel we were part of a real community. We wanted to participate in community events with our children, to have them attend superior schools, and to expose them to lots of green, open space. We knew these unique qualities existed in Newtown, and we treasure living here.

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